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  1. Hello i would like to use your sounds for my youtube video ill give credit but i dont understand the creative commens any chance you could give me details to do this many thanks

  2. Man I love what you do, I love how you put all this sounds together and I love your YouTube videos I even subscribed to your channel but bro you have to fix your website and the downloads...its impossible to download anything you've uploaded... I have been trying to get that female laugh and giggle for a whole day but it's just frustrating and doesn't work at the end after all the process...pls you need to fix this. Instead of using that file link for uploading your files you can use MediaFire to upload your files. Media fire is the best when it comes to things like this. Pls I'm a fan of your work but please fix your site and downloads.

    1. not true, mediafire is not generating the download links